Little Business

This term our Inquiry is 'Little Business'. We have been looking at different types of shops, the products they sell, being a shopkeeper and being a customer. We also have looked at the money we use in New Zealand. Room 13 also had a go at designing their own money too. Room 13 buddies up with Tahi Rua to take turns in the shopkeeper/customer roles. We planned, designed and made some salt dough necklaces, using Maori patterns as our inspiration. We cooked these very slowly so they would harden up. Then we painted them and threaded some string through. We made two necklaces each, so we could keep one, and sell the other. On Wednesday, Tahi Rua came over to our 'shop' and purchased our necklaces. On Thursday, we went to Tahi Rua's 'shop' and purchased their goodies they had created, with some of our winning money designs.  It was a lot of fun being in both roles and the children did such a great job with their creations too!

Class Assembly

Today was our class assembly! It has been a couple of weeks with lots of learning of the lines, rehearsing our songs and remembering the actions to our songs.
We had lots of fun. It was wonderful to see each of the students take part, even being brave enough to speak in front of such a huge audience.
Room 13, you were amazing! Mrs Molloy and Mrs Martelli are very proud of you!

100 Days of School

The time had finally arrived. Room 13 have now been at school for 100 school days and today meant it was a day to celebrate!
We started the day by singing our 'Counting to 100' song and marking off 100 days on our chart. We then set about on our fun activities. We created four long paper chains. Each chain had 100 links, with the links in colours of 10. This is so we could practice our skip counting in tens up to 100. We also had 100 balloons blown up for us (by our big friends down in FLS). Next we made our crowns. These are to show that we are the Kings and Queens of our 100 day party.
We then had a HUGE shared lunch that everyone enjoyed. We finished off the day by watching part of a movie and then having a play on the playground. Thank you to the parents for your great contributions to our shared lunch!